ZOOM!: Accomplishing a White and Bright Smile

Are you ready for the holidays? If not, we have something that could help: ZOOM! whitening treatment. This treatment is unique and can be applied directly to your teeth by your dentist. It includes the use of an LED light, which enhances the whitening effects in just one treatment. However, depending on your specific needs, more than one treatment may be necessary.

No matter if you want to polish your smile for the holiday season or try and get rid of the stains in your teeth from foods, sodas, or tobacco products, getting your teeth whitened can boost your smile’s appearance to give you the radiant shine you love. ZOOM!whitening is also great for sensitive teeth, and it is a fantastic option if you are looking for a specific whitening system to give you great results in a quick amount of time. Call your dentist today to talk about the ZOOM! whitening treatment. We also invite you to ask us any questions you have so you can get a better understanding of this treatment today. Don’t let your holiday lights be the only thing that shines this season. Schedule an appointment so you can put the shine back into your smile.

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