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Dental crowns cover worn, cracked, or broken teeth to restore both their function and appearance. Dental bridges fill gaps caused by lost teeth, also returning function and aesthetics. At Sunshine Dental, located in Houston, Texas, Dr. Hung T. Chau provides crowns and dental bridges to restore damaged teeth and prevent further oral issues. Call today or book your appointment online to schedule your consultation.

Crowns & Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a tool that closes the gaps between your teeth. Dr. Chau may recommend a dental bridge if you have one or more missing teeth. The bridge uses one, two, or more connecting crowns that fix the gaps in your smile or bite. The number of crowns needed depends on the gap and number of teeth you’ve lost. Dental bridges are a permanent solution.

What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a custom-fitted artificial tooth that strengthens the condition of your natural tooth, particularly if it’s severely cracked, weakened, or worn. Dr. Chau recommends crowns to:

  • Fix broken, chipped, or cracked teeth

  • Replace a worn tooth

  • Strengthen the tooth that has a large filling

  • Protect a damaged tooth

  • Attach a dental bridge

Why would I need a dental bridge?

A dental bridge closes the gaps in your teeth, restoring the condition of your smile or bite. But it’s more than a cosmetic procedure. A dental bridge can:

  • Restore your ability to speak properly

  • Restore your ability to chew food

  • Help maintain your face shape

  • Prevent your natural teeth from misaligning

  • Properly distribute your


What is a dental bridge procedure?

Dr. Chau meets with you to discuss your medical history and to take X-rays of your teeth. Then he prepares the teeth on both sides of your gap. The dental bridge is custom-made to fit your mouth, so he needs an impression of your teeth. Once the dental bridge is created, Dr. Chau places it in your mouth. He checks the fit to see if adjustments are necessary. When the dental bridge is perfectly fitted to the shape of your mouth, he cements the bridge into place.

How should I care for the dental crown or bridge?

After receiving a crown or bridge, you must maintain good dental hygiene. Treat the crown or bridge like it’s a natural tooth. Brush it twice a day, every day, and floss at least once a day. Don’t neglect this tooth. It may need special care, particularly where the crown or bridge meets your gums and natural teeth. Proper dental hygiene is necessary to prevent decay and bacteria from building up around your crown or bridge.