Smile More Proudly With Invisalign

Many people believe that having straight teeth is merely a cosmetic consideration, but the fact of the matter is, crooked teeth are more difficult to clean properly and can, therefore, lead to cavities and gum disease.

But here at Sunshine Dental, Dr. Chau and his team provide a wonderful new orthodontic system that can straighten your smile while your friends barely even notice! That’s right! It’s called Invisalign®, and it consists of a series of virtually invisible plastic retainers that cover the teeth, slowly realigning them into their proper positions.

These retainers or “aligners” can be easily removed for eating, brushing your teeth and flossing. Dr. Chau uses a custom-made series of aligners that are specifically designed for your teeth. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable plastic that is worn over your teeth, so it doesn’t irritate your cheeks or gums like some metal braces do.

While you’re using the Invisalign® system, we prepare a new aligner for you to wear approximately every two weeks until the completion of your treatment. Sunshine Dental monitors your progress through occasional checkups, which are typically once every six weeks.

At each stage of the Invisalign® process, you will begin to perceive your ideal smile slowly and gently shifting into place.

So, if you’ve desired to straighten your smile, please visit with Dr. Chau to learn how Invisalign® can improve the alignment of your pearly whites! Feel free to call our office for an appointment today.

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