Causes of Dry Mouth

Chronic dry mouth is a recognized medical condition with several possible sources and can also lead to an array of different oral health problems. Saliva plays an important role in your mouth. It helps to wash away food particles and bacteria while also creating a medium that reduces bacterial presence. As a result, people with chronic dry mouth have much higher incidence of halitosis and tooth decay.

There are many medications that cause dry mouth as one of their side effects. At the same time, the general processes of aging can also result in a reduction in saliva production. If you suspect a medication is the primary cause of your dry mouth issues, you might want to talk to your physician. While you will most likely still need to take the medication, there are lifestyle choices and habits that can mitigate the problem.

Certain types of oral cancers, as well as radiation and other cancer treatments, can both cause a reduction in natural saliva production. In a situation like this, the dry mouth issues might only be temporary or might require additional medical intervention.

Tobacco and alcohol use are common causes of chronic dry mouth. In the mouth, alcohol acts like a desiccant, that dries out oral tissues. Once in the body, it acts a diuretic, causing excess urination and overall dehydration. Tobacco use and smoking are particularly problematic for the mouth, as it dries out gum tissues, while also introducing tar and other chemicals. If you use alcohol or tobacco on a regular basis you should talk to your physician about a cessation or rehabilitation program.

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